This kind of project requires a perfect interdisciplinary cohesion between the mechanicals, electronics and software members, which is characteristic of our tightly-knit and experienced team. We have well-balanced skill-set that allows us to achieve great things both in engineering and other fields.

Our team experiences a total of 18 Baja SAE seasons and 14 years in multiple industries.


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Aligo Innovation
Programme GO inc. at Lavery
Bert Transmission
École de technologie supérieure
SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneur program


The origin of the project dates back to the fall of 2015, when five engineering enthusiasts involved in the Baja science club of the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) took the challenge of developing a new technology integrated into a prototype vehicle. off-road single-seater, allowing them to climb on the highest step of the podium of Baja SAE competitions. After a little over a year of development, the technology demonstrated its great potential by winning a winter and friendly competition from Baja at Laval University. Subsequently, once the transmission integrated into the 2017 prototype vehicle, the team was able to win two of the three SAE competitions, in California and Illinois respectively, earning a second place in the world rankings. Being the first transmission of its kind to be successful, EVT turned heads as much as participants as judges from the automotive and off-road sectors.